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RageQuit Gaming Community - Who We Are
RageQuit is a mature, highly organized, competitive, but fun loving and community. We have excellent communication with other big outfits on the server, and pride ourselves on our ability to do so.

RageQuit was established in late December 2013 by Warhalo and friends, and we wanted to build an outfit experience for Planetside unlike any other. RageQuit immediately attracted a base of dedicated and committed members that would later form out officer base and attracted more than 75 members in the first day. Since then, we've been growing exponentially and fully intend to keep growing and attracting like minded individuals who want a fun-loving but simultaneously competitive community. RageQuit has members from the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, and more and we do not exclude members based on race, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, etc.

We are a community of friends believe we can strike a balance between fun and seriousness.
Some say you can't have quantity AND quality of members, but we at RageQuit, disagree. We house anywhere from very casual gamers all the way up to hardcore gamers, and have been very successful in doing so. We find out what our members want to do and based upon that cater to new needs. I and my friends are willing to help new members with any info needed!

What We Offer in Return
A large supportive community built upon the foundations of a fun and competitive group.
Training on anything in game you could possibly want and an inexhaustible supply of information on our forums.
A consistently large community with at least 30+ actives, most of the day. Also, highly organized, trained professional leads.
Squads for many games.
Great opportunities to advance in the community, media director, forum moderator, etc.
RageQuit Games (AKA Derp Ops): a pinnacle of Rage Quit. We like to screw around and have fun and so we often hold friendly competitions and such.
How To Join
Add on of our officers/members in game. They will be able to invite you to join.
Join us on TeamSpeak! All are welcome to join.
If you need assistance connecting to TS, just ask one of our members or check our website FAQ for directions.
Make an account on our webpage.
Add us on Steam!

What It's Like To Be RageQuit
For more information or if you'd like to organize joint-outfit ops, please contact Warhalo in-game.

Watch a day with RageQuit on youtube!
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See you on the battlefield soldier!

Taken directly from the RGQT Charter: What We Ask of You - Rules and Regs
RageQuit maintains a simple rule-set for maintaining the awesome community that we've built so far. These rules are as follows:

- Connect to TeamSpeak and stay active during operations. In RageQuit, communication is absolutely key! All we ask of our members is to log into TeamSpeak during community operations, due to its clarity and stability outside of in-game comms.

- Have an account on our website/forums. Trust me, with the large base of information available, you won't be disappointed!

- Stay active in the game in the community! How can we have a successful community without an active community?!

- Treat all members with the respect they deserve, respect the players and respect the game. Keep a lighthearted spirit; this game is supposed to be fun! Let's keep it that way.

- Obey all orders, even if they don't make sense to you or you disagree with them.

- Give constructive feedback in the group, attend officer meetings if you want, become a part of the community if you'd like!

- Behave at all times in an mature manner. We are considered an adult community and expect our members to behave as such. This means no bitching or moaning if someone tells you something you don't like or a leader doesn't take your advice; we make the other team RageQuit, not the other way around! There is to be the utmost respect between our members.