Update 5/16/15

By tell32 - Posted May 19, 15

Meeting was delayed to Sunday due to some problems


  • Everyone is encoreged to join the Ragequit steam group
  • Officers need to step it up
  • Warhalo will no longer be hosting the meetings, Officers to get their act together and help out
  • It is Highly encouraged to attend the community meetings on Saturday nights
  • Try and hangout with new people in the teamspeak
    • Ex: Archeage members, hangout with some Dayz people
  • Invite new people into the teamspeak
    • It doesn't hurt to bring friends in, we have over 300 slots for the ts

Meeting Doc for next week: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QqfZGSbhTTlQ0v648b8Xfw035AkgZnhLYtnVMXiB3go/edit?usp=sharing

On another note: This Friday at 4pm EST there will be a private officers meeting that all officers are required to attend.