The Website and Me!

By slamanna212 - Posted Apr 3, 15

First off, Ive been gone for awhile, let me reintroduce myself. I am Slamanan212! Ive been with RageQuit for a long time, just hidding for the past couple of months. I run the Teamspeak server, Ive done all of the web design until a couple months ago, and a bunch of other behide the scenes things. Im in my 20s, I work in IT, total geek and gamer.

Now! The Website! Not sure what happened but its kinda broken right now. I will be doing a complete overhaul of the site over the next week, clean it up, modernize it, brighten it up. Feel free to PM me any ideas or thoughts or desires or whatever! 

Teamspeak: Everything looks ok to me, if you have any issues to report, im the one to report them to. If you wanna know how it works, guess what im the guy to ask about that too!

If you need me, PM me on here (probably wont get it to be honest), Hit me up on Teamspeak (Only there at night), or go here:, for channel put #TrollChromosomes and click join. Then say the word: Imnotsurewhattoput  . That will alert me on my pc and phone !