Ragequit Gaming Official Community Charter

Chartered 1/11/2014 by Scorch and Sirguy. Updated by tell32


Initially founded January of 2013 through Planetside 2 and other games by Warhalo, the community has formed itself into an open community for all players who seek community gameplay and the occasional session of serious, organized, tactical gameplay.

Mission Statement:

Ragequit Gaming is an online, ongoing community committed to hardcore organized play, and casual community gaming in a fun and entertaining manner.

Community Resources:

Teamspeak 3 ("TS”):  

Ragequit utilizes TS for all online communications. ( Address is: ts.rgqtgamers.com )

Teamspeak Rules:

  • Freedom of communication is encouraged, but topics of racism, religion or politics, sexual orientation or of a sexual manner, and MOTHERS are absolutely prohibited

  • Always avoid talking over each other

  • Respect other members.

NOTE: Contravene these rules are grounds for removal from the Community.

Website & forum:

Ragequit has a website (
http://www.rgqtgamers.com) for information about the community and an area to engage other members including a forum section, and chat.

Social Media:

Ragequit uses social media to connect with the online gaming community:

  1. Twitter( http://www.twitter.com/ragequitvs

  2. Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/rgqtgamers )

  3. Ragequit’s Steam Group: ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RageQuitOutfit )

Community Ranking Structure:

In order to maintain a vibrant and dynamic community, Ragequit’s community is organized in the following way.

Leader: Manages the strategic direction of the community including community outreach and management of the officer core.

Officers:  Manage and organize the day to day operations of the community by game or event.

Veteran:  Players are are invaluable to the community, has been actively engaged with the outfit for 8 months.

Member: Regular players in the community.

Responsibilities and Roles of Ranks:


  1. Determines the strategic direction of the community

  2. Manages officer core with direction, promotion, demotion, issue resolution

  3. Initiates community outreach to other gaming outfits

  4. Manages and initiates the growth of the community

  5. LEADS


  1. Be active, log in at least 5-6 days a week!

  2. Day to day administrative management of the games we play, as well as Teamspeak and the Website.

  3. Maintain an environment that is supportive and respectful for our members.

  4. Recruit new members

  5. Lead members in the various games we play, particularly in team based games such as Planetside.


A member is made an Veteran by:

  • being invaluable to the community,

  • upholds the spirit of Ragequit,

  • must be in the community for 8 months, and

  • must be active.

NOTE: this promotion is not given lightly but once given can not be removed.

Operational Procedures of the Community

Officers Meeting Procedures:

At the minimum, Officers meetings will be held every other week on Saturdays .  All meetings listed on the community website, twitter and facebook.  All members are welcome but only Officers may speak initially until the meeting is opened for community input.  Regular members will be given an opportunity to speak at the end of the meetings.

Chatham House Rules are in effect.  There will be an agenda posted on a google document and one of the leaders will moderate the meeting for time management purposes.  The use of channel commander is necessary in order to be allowed to speak.

Grounds for Promotion:

Executive power does not grant free promotions to Veteran or Officer.

All outfit ranking promotions must be carried out at an Officer’s Meeting pending approval of the officer base.

Officer Reviews:

The officer’s base is limited to 10-15 members carrying the rank. Officer is a tentative position, to ensure quality of the people holding the rank, each officer will be evaluated on their performance each annual quarter. (roughly around New Years, Easter, The fourth of July, and Halloween)

Grounds for Removal from the Community:

Members can be removed from the outfit for the following reasons:  

  1. Support for any forms of racism, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or anything about other members MOTHERS.

  2. Constant disruption of the community, teamspeak, or community events,

  3. Treating other members with disrespect


24 hour ban on TS, report to Leaders will be made, decision made on the permanency of the ban within 48 hours. Bans should be documented by forum posts in the Bans section of the forum. Bans may be discussed at meetings to rectify or justify the ban.

Appeal Process:

Banned members will have one (1) opportunity to appeal their ban.  The process will be open and on the forum. The member will submit a document outlining their side, steps the member will take to right the wrong or right the behavior.


Ragequit Community is first and foremost about having FUN.  We are creating a community to come together and play whatever game the community wants to play.